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How to Start Writing Blogs for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Content, SEO

How to Start Writing Blogs for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide 

If you’ve ever wanted to write your own blog or generate website traffic with SEO, here’s what to consider to set yourself up for success. 

While more challenging than a simple 1-2-3, writing blogs or articles for your website is about helping your reader learn, discover, find, or do something. 

Let’s explore all the ways you can move past the YouTube era and endless scrolling through “how-to” blogs and finally get started with SEO.

What you’ll learn in this series:


How to Start Writing Blogs: Schedule, Tools, and Goals

Do you need a designated area for writing? In short – yes! Your brain will appreciate going to the same place to work on a consistent basis.

With a few basic tools and a comfortable work environment, you’ll experiment with writing content and adding value to your readers in a relevant way. 

Remember, you want to bridge the gap between what people need and what you do. As you create content centered around helping people accomplish their ultimate goals, you build a relationship with your customers that makes them feel valued, seen and heard. 

In turn, you become their trusted resource and who they turn to when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. 

Learn how to set up your writing station, set goals and a writing schedule, and consider a few tools to get you set up for SEO writing. 

Read How to Start Writing Blogs: Schedule, Tools, and Goals.

Tips for Generating Ideas and Writing a Blog Outline

You might think starting with keyword research is the best place to start for SEO writing. But, actually, it’s not. Instead, you want to start with your idea. 

Ideas are informed by customer research, the value you want to bring to your customers’ lives, and the path you want readers to take when they enter your website and become a “fan.”

Keyword research is simply the data that helps SEO professionals make informed decisions about topics, website structure, optimization techniques, and more. 

But, far more important, is the connection and trust you build along the way. 

Once you have your idea, it’s time to create your outline. Outlines help you stay on track with your content and bring the reader on a journey from start to finish. 

Read How to Generate Ideas and Outline Your Blog.

The Stages of Writing and Publishing Blog Content

Processes help you take your idea and actually create a finished product. If you truly want to get started writing blog content for SEO, then understanding the process will keep you on track from idea to publish, and beyond. 

Consider how you’ll track the progress of your articles, whether in a simple spreadsheet like Google Sheets or a more advanced tracking platform like Airtable or Trello. 

Depending on the size of your team and the publishing process, it might be worth investing in a platform to help you manage due dates, feedback, and changes. 

Finally, consider developing strong criteria for each stage of the writing process. By establishing when an article is “done” in one stage and “ready” for the next, you can prepare your schedule to accommodate changes and updates. 

Overall, your schedule will become easier the more you write and the more tightly you develop a process for developing content. 

Read The Stages of Writing and Publishing Blog Content.

How to Write Great Hooks for Amplification

Hooks are responsible for 99% of all conversions. Just kidding. I made that up. I wanted to show you an example of a “hook” with a hook. 

Hooks are designed to engage you immediately when you start to read something. They essentially answer “What’s the point?” And I often recommend going back to the beginning of your article, social media post, or even sub-sections, to see if you can add the “point” back into your opening sentence as a “hook.”

While I don’t have the exact data available at my fingertips, hooks are a great way to engage a reader immediately and move them from line to line. Suddenly, they’ve read your entire article. Neat!

Read How to Write Great Hooks for Amplification.


Getting Started with SEO Content Strategy

Now that you’ve armed yourself with everything you need to get started writing SEO content, consider your overall strategy. Remember, content works best when it’s developed to connect with people, nurture them on their search journeys, and grow your overall website traffic. 

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Written by Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz is the Founder of Socialhart. She's a Marketing and SEO expert with 8 years of experience in digital marketing. She's worked with local businesses, founders, marketing executives, and global brands across many industries, both in-house and agency-side. She's taught digital marketing programs at several universities, including NC State and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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