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FLEXIBLE SEO Strategy and High-Set Content

Cinderella had her fierce little friends, and now you have me.

You didn’t start your business to miss movie night with your kids or to cancel every “me time” you’ve scheduled since you started. (Those physical shutdowns do not count as “me time,” by the way.)

You started it because you believe that when you work hard and strive for the moon – you can indeed catch the stars.

So imagine, for a moment. It’s you – closing your laptop for the day. Excited about the lemon-blueberry tarts you’re about to make with the kids like your grandmother used to make with you. You’ve just finalized the next six months of SEO content for your company after a successful previous six months. You’re relying less on paid ads, and your clients and customers are telling you how helpful your content has been.

Now, I’m no rodent, but the SEO part? That — that, I can help with.

What, where’s that voice coming from?

Hi —it’s me, Crystal,

And while you’re reading this, I’m likely doing one of two things. 1) wiping something off my kid’s faces (usually spit or snot), or 2) searching through my pantry for anything I can lather hot sauce on.

Now, the hot sauce stuff is serious business. My go-to as a resident Hoosier is Frank’s, but as a Florida native, my favorite will always be Crystal (no relation).

Yes — I do crack myself up, but honestly, everything cracks me up, so I’m probably not that funny. I just like funny things.

I’m deeply into my millennial-mom era. The Montessori schools, the three cups of coffee per day (I’m half-Cuban, okay?! It’s in my blood), the after-school trips to Target while me and my toddler enjoy our Starbucks treats, and — of course — the olive Tasmin Ugg slipers.

When I’m craving a mom break, I usually spend my time dysregulating with my nose in a book (like ACOTAR or the Empyrean series). I’ve also recently identified as a “bookdragon,” which is basically a bookworm, but also a person who hoards books in massive amounts and protects them like they’re golden eggs.

And — yay me — I’m finally getting the Pilates studio of my dreams. I will have to drive down the street to see it, and the owner already has me down as a little odd, but by golly, am I one excited, soon-to-be pilates guru.

Quick Overview


(Employers, Clients, Projects)

Kelley Blue Book


Red Lion Hotels

The DoubleTree Hotel, Vail

Hersha Hospitality

Capitol Hill Hotel

SLT Consulting

Lockstep Media


The Manhattan Hotel

MD Bone Docs

Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland

St. Paul Eye Clinic

Heely’s Worldwide

Robert Wayne Footwear

Feiyue International

Who My Clients Beat



Women’s Health

Men’s Health







Car and Driver



and more.

Industry News and Features



and More

Adjunct Digital Marketing Instructor


200+ Students

10+ Cohorts & Classes

North Carolina State University

Kansas State University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

No wasted time on technical jargon. No long, drawn-out contracts. Just what you need to plan and execute SEO content.

And then take that overdue spa day you’ve been thinking about.

Spree — Plan + Publish SEO Content in 1 Week

For the hands-on, visionary founder. Align SEO with your revenue, plan 1-3 months of content, and outline and publish phase 1 posts. Designed to lay the foundational SEO groundwork to support you now and into the future.

Radiance — 1:1 SEO Content Strategy

For the company that needs content strategy and execution handled by an experienced professional. This 1:1 option is the quickest turnaround and lightest time involvement (for you). It’s all the brilliance and none of the quality sacrifices.

If SEO is the Roth IRA of marketing, then we’re about to deposit some serious content cash together.

I’m an enterprise-level SEO expert (that means I have a lot of experience) who guides founders from no SEO strategy to foundational strategy and beyond.

In other words, I don’t just “teach” you about SEO. You learn SEO as a byproduct of our time together. But what we focus on is how to align your revenue with your immediate SEO strategy. We work through your goals, align on the best path forward for your unique business, and then execute the strategy immediately.

No long contracts, no months of ramp-up time with meetings that seem to go nowhere. No wondering if the money you’re putting into your SEO is working.

Just you and I working on your goals and lining up the content to get you there.


Years of imposter syndrome means I’ve overachieved for your benefit.

When I’m not busy lending my voice to industry news (like,, and other sites) or teaching university boot camp classes (I’m a former adjunct digital marketing instructor at NC State, Kansas State, and U Wisonsin-Madison), you can find me beating competitors on the SERPs (search engine results pages) for my clients.

Who have I helped my clients and previous employers beat online? Oh, no one mentionable. Just Nike, Well+Good,, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, the CDC, WebMD, RateMD, Healthline, Healthgrades, Edmunds, Car and Driver, Geico, Allstate, and more.

Officially, I can tell you I’ve worked for or with Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, Peloton, Red Lion Hotels, The DoubleTree Hotel, Hersha Hospitality, SLT Consulting, Lockstep Media, 94N, MD Bone Docs, Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland, St. Paul Eye Clinic, Heely’s Worldwide, Robert Wayne Footwear, Feiyue International.

Driving Business Impact with Increased Website Traffic

What does SEO look like in your business?

190% Increase in Non-Brand Traffic

Client went from primarily brand search traffic to an increase of 190% non-brand traffic, driving additional thousands of visitors to their site in 12 months.  

1800% Increase in Leads in 3 Months.

Large enterprise client increased their leads by 1300% in 3 months with a targeted change in SEO strategy. 

760% Increase in Cross-Promotional Revenue.

Client saw a 760% increase in cross-promotional efforts with one SEO campaign. 

And Now, What’s My Line?”

My Top 7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quotes.

Yes, I have all the episodes on DVD, and even “The Quotable Slayer Handbook.”

“Yes, it’s terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true. The bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies… and everybody lives happily ever after.” — Giles, S02E07

“Bored now.” — Willow, S06E20

“News from the file marked, duh.” — Xander, S06E14

“The monkey’s the only cookie animal that gets to wear clothes. You know that? So do the others feel ripped? Is the hippo like, “Where are my pants? I have my hippo dignity.” — Oz, S02, E10

“Xander, I beg you not to help me.” — Buffy, S03E16

“To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It’s-it’s… it’s not done because people deserve it. It’s done because they need it.” — Giles, S2E09

“We have one more award to give out. Is Buffy Summers here tonight? Did she, um… This is actually a new category. First time ever…It’s from all of us, and it has written here, ‘Buffy Summers, Class Protector.” – Jonathan, S03Ep20





Knowledge is Forever.

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My mission is to give founders the knowledge, vocabulary, and support for showing up in search results and growing traffic over time.

My goal is that you’ll feel supported and finally in control of your future success in this channel. I want you to walk away feeling, “That was just what I needed.”

Socialhart helps founders drive revenue and grow market share with SEO. Content that connects, nurtures, and grows your revenue and business. Show up in search results. Reach your people. Grow revenue.