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1:1 SEO Content Strategy and Guided Growth Programs

Drive revenue & grow organic traffic with SEO.

For founders and brands ready to show up online for their customers and clients. Appear in search results for relevant keywords, questions, and phrases. Make your SEO content strategy go from lackluster and dull to a bright and brilliant cut.

You’re on the bright path.

I want you to grow your traffic, hit your revenue goals, and connect with your customers.

It’s time for a moment of manifestation. Let’s imagine….

One day you log in to your analytics account and hit the filter for “last 6 months.” You blink — slightly disbelieving for a moment — to see that your website traffic has a steady slope to the right.

And suddenly — those late nights you’ve spent pouring over SEO content strategy instead of watching an episode of Dead to Me — feel so dang worth it.

Hi —I’m Crystal,

And I’m here to give your SEO strategy the 3-carat setting it deserves.

I help ambitious and busy founders — like you — polish and buff their organic content strategy so people can easily find their products and solutions.

BTW, organic just means “non-paid ads.” No Meta business nightmares for you, or you, or you! (Or let’s be honest, me!)

Through 1:1 SEO content strategy and guided organic growth programs, we work together to bring you more website traffic and visibility in search results (aka Google).

Experience: Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Peloton, and more.

No wasted time on technical jargon. No long, drawn-out contracts. Just what you need to plan and execute SEO content.

And then take that overdue spa day you’ve been thinking about.

Etched — Audit & Grow

Not all content is valuable, growth-driven content. During our time together, we’ll focus on understanding your current content, develop low-lift areas of improvement and growth, and develop a long-term SEO content strategy for your business. You’ll walk away with research, analysis, reporting, and more.

Radiance — 1:1 SEO Content Strategy

For the company that needs content strategy and execution handled by an experienced professional. This 1:1 option is the quickest turnaround and lightest time involvement (for you). It’s all the brilliance and none of the quality sacrifices.

Spree — Plan + Publish SEO Content in 1 Week

For the hands-on, visionary founder. Align SEO with your revenue, plan 1-3 months of content, and outline and publish phase 1 posts. Designed to lay the foundational SEO groundwork to support you now and into the future.

Timeless Marketing Tips

Weekly marketing tips you’ll read over your morning cup of (cold) coffee while the kids watch Bluey.

Spree: Plan + Publish SEO Content

For hands-on, visionary Founders.

You’re not building a side hustle, here. You’re growing an impactful brand based on integrity, quality, and customer-centric experiences. Your website deserves the same designer-label SEO content that big-name global brands have. The best person to deliver on that? Is you. (With my help, of course — we’d make a great pear).

Crystal was able to set the foundation for growth for a Fortune 500 company and provide all the necessary assets and direction to take them to the next level. Not only, she's a pleasure to work with, is prompt and can navigate all forms of situations - from crisis management to delivery of stellar results and everything in between!

– Alex Tkacovs, (Client)

Knowledge is Forever.

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From content coal to content diamonds.

Whether your content is low-converting, low-traffic, or plain non-existent, you’ll finally get the clarity and confidence to publish high-quality, SEO-driven, competitor-resistant content.

Socialhart helps founders drive revenue and grow market share with SEO. Content that connects, nurtures, and grows your revenue and business. Show up in search results. Reach your people. Grow revenue.