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Bubbly: SEO Power Hours

1:1 SEO Consulting Call with Crystal

In 60-90 minutes, we’ll chat through your business model, revenue and opportunities, troubleshoot blockers or problems, and identify your ideal ranking topics. Create SEO momentum and go from SEO curious to energized about your SEO growth

Do you show up on Google the way you’d like to?

If you don’t, that’s a problem. (I’m assuming you know that’s a problem, though, and that’s why you’re here). After all, you bought the website, you started the blog, you hired the fancy developer, and maybe read a few blogs. But… the traffic isn’t flowing. 

You’re not 100% sure, but you think something is missing. 

In this strategy call, we’ll find out what’s holding you back from showing up on Google the way you want. So you can finally get in front of your customers and start making this whole “SEO” thing work for you.

How to know if a Bubbly SEO Consulting Call is for you

You're SEO-curious about organic growth for your business, but you're a "test the waters" typa person.

You have a website migration coming up and you need SEO support for the change.

You have an urgent issue that needs addressing and you need someone to investigate and provide solutions.

You're wondering why traffic seems stale or stagnant, and you want a professional assessment before taking the next steps.

You invested heavily into your website but you're not showing up for any keywords or searches.

You want to start small with SEO and you know this is the perfect way to dip your toes in.

get clear on your SEO action plan

Bubbly: SEO Power Hours were designed to meet these challenges head-on and give you the exact next steps to reach your SEO goals.

In 60 minutes, we’ll go over your top-level SEO opportunities so you can understand the quickest wins with the highest value and lowest lift.

For sessions with technical roadblocks or issues, we’ll work through the problems and discuss solutions and next steps.

I’ll review your website and immediate issues and craft your SEO roadmap and action items to create momentum and get you working towards your ultimate business vision.

Your bubbly session is designed to help you get past roadblocks, craft a posting schedule, or work through visibility issues on Google.

How to Use Your Bubbly Hour

(Pick one or two goals we can get done in an hour)

Craft your social media calendar into an SEO-driven website posts.

Use this hour to transform your social media calendar into SEO-driven posts. You’ll get research from 3-5 long-form posts based on your current social media posts, stories, and AMAs. We’ll discuss which posts have the best potential and you’ll walk away with the research and guidance you need to take what you’re already doing and adapt it to SEO. 

Brainstorm your website topics based on your revenue goals.

Use this hour to map our your business goals to topic creation and SEO growth opportunities. We’ll identify your top 3-5 topics and discuss the next steps in your strategy to begin your SEO growth journey that not only grows your website traffic but aligns with your revenue goals as well. 

Discuss your page titles and meta descriptions for improved SEO visibility.

Use this hour to review your page titles and descriptions to maximize the way you show up online and improve your CTR. We’ll chat through your products, pages, overall design, titles, and descriptions. You’ll get the necessary spreadsheets and research to help with your project. 

Work through an indexing issue in Google Search Console.

In this hour, we’ll work on your indexing issues in Google Search Console to determine what’s priority or not and how it might be affecting your websites traffic, conversions, and impact.

Fix and Troubleshoot Low Conversions or Traffic.

If you’re seeing a decline in traffic, revenue, or conversions, there could be an SEO issue. We’ll get a comprehensive view of your website visibility and identify what might be causing these issues. Then, you’ll get next steps and an action plan for moving forward. 

Evaluate your lowest-performing content.

In this hour, we’ll review your content to determine why your lowest performers are struggling to gain the momentum and traffic you’re hoping for. You’ll receive improvement recommendations and next steps for tracking and measuring the changes. 

Mini Technical Audit: Identify 3-5 Areas of Immediate Improvement.

If you’re looking for the top opportunities for technical performance and improvement, this session is perfect for you. Whether your content investment just isn’t performing, or you want to clean up technical bugs, this is a great option for your Bubbly Hour. You’ll get 3-5 areas of improvement and next steps to making updates and improvements.

Bubbly Plus: Add-On 30 Minutes

You can add-on an additional 30 minutes immediately following or within two weeks of our initial call. 

Driving Business Impact with Increased Website Traffic

What does SEO look like in your business?

190% Increase in Non-Brand Traffic

Client went from primarily brand search traffic to an increase of 190% non-brand traffic, driving additional thousands of visitors to their site in 12 months.  

1800% Increase in Leads in 3 Months.

Enterprise project increased leads by 1300% in 3 months with a targeted change in SEO strategy. 

760% Increase in Cross-Promotional Revenue.

Client saw a 760% increase in cross-promotional efforts with one SEO campaign. 

An Hour of Dedicated SEO Decision-Making

Knock down roadblocks and start your journey towards a North Star SEO roadmap.

Spots are limited per month and are first come first served. Booking now for April and May. 

With Bubbly: SEO Consulting Power Hour, You’ll…

Spots are limited — 4 Spots Remaining for March and April 2024.

Identify Roadblocks.

Sometimes its not so much what we’re doing, but what’s standing in the way. We’ll identify any roadblocks to your SEO success. 

Assess your next steps.

Get the exact next steps you need to take to create momentum in your organic growth and visibility. 

Create an action plan.

Once you have your immediate steps, you’ll create an action plan in place to keep you going into the future.

Leap into organic growth conversions.

With blockers moved and a plan in place, you’ll grow your website conversions and see organic growth. 

How It Works

1) Schedule your Bubbly Hour.

Fill out the form and tell me a little bit about your goals. 

2) Opportunity Assessment.

I will check out your website and do a search engine pre-check to make sure I can potentially help you. While SEO can fix some issues, if you have a product misalignment or brand problem (for example), SEO might not be for you.

3) Finalize payment and confirm your booking.

You’ll finalize your payment, sign your contract, and secure your Bubbly spot. 

4) Questionnaire and onboarding

You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire or provide access to certain information.

5) Personalized Preparation

Get invited to your exclusive SEO Bubbly Hour, complete with tailored homework to set you up for success.

6) Bubbly Hour

We’ll have one 60-90 minute call to discuss findings, advisement, and next steps to get you to your goal. This may include technical advisement, content strategy, outline fixes, or publishing walkthroughs.

7) Recording access and resources.

You’ll have 30 days’ access to the recordings and all the resources you need to execute your SEO according to your Bubbly Hour needs. 

8) VIP Support Add-On

Add-on support options for continuing work together, tracking progress, and ensuring you get the most out of your Spree VIP week. 

Hi —I’m Crystal,

And I’m here to give your SEO strategy the 3-carat setting it deserves.

I help ambitious and busy founders — like you — polish and buff their organic content strategy so people can easily find their products and solutions.

BTW, organic just means “non-paid ads.” No Meta business nightmares for you, or you, or you! (Or let’s be honest, me!)

Through 1:1 SEO content strategy and guided organic growth programs, we work together to bring you more website traffic and visibility in search results (aka Google).

Experience: Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Peloton, and more.

Crystal was able to set the foundation for growth for a Fortune 500 company and provide all the necessary assets and direction to take them to the next level. Not only, she's a pleasure to work with, is prompt and can navigate all forms of situations - from crisis management to delivery of stellar results and everything in between!

– Alex Tkacovs, (Client)

Who is this for?

DIY Founders Who Need a Push

You want to do it all, and that’s admirable. But, you need a person to give you the real practical way to just get this shit done. You need the what and how, but also the real-life push to get you across the finish line.

Entrepreneurs Living the Start Up Life

You’re budget-savvy and got the money-smarts. A Bubbly Hour is the best way to get started in SEO without spending agency fees or hiring expensive consultants. 

The Readymade Starmakers

You have the idea. You have the website. You’re ready to use SEO the way bigger companies do: to your advantage. Starmakers are dreamers and doers.

Build Your Growth Moat

Payment Details.

$689 (Paid in Full)

SEO Evaluation Based On Your Goals: Prepared In Advance, Then Workshopped With You

60 Minute Walkthrough of Your Strategy or Technical Advisement (30 Days Access Recordings)

Documentation and Next Steps to Help You Execute On Recommendations

Client Dashboard to Access All Materials and Recordings

30-Minute Add-On for ($250)  

Walkthrough Steps Together or Make Updates in Real-Time 

VIP Support Option [Add-On] ($550/ mo for 6 mo.)

Your questions

What exactly is included in Bubbly: SEO Power Hour?

A 60-minute recorded call with pre-work done by me (Crystal) to help you get to your next goal with SEO. Whether it’s troubleshooting an issue or quickly assessing your social media calendar for SEO repurposing, we’ll ensure a productive 60 minutes (30 minute add on available) to help you uplevel your SEO.

Who is this service for?

It’s designed for brilliant founders, including app creators, e-commerce store owners, and creative service providers eager to elevate their SEO game, but not ready to invest in something longer term or higher ticket price.

What makes you qualified to provide this program?

I’m a digital marketer of eight years, working on large websites and Fortune 500 brands, including Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, Peloton, Heelys Worldwide, Doubletree Hotel, and more. I’ve worked on SEO for businesses from local to global brands.

How is this different from hiring a regular SEO consultant?

Unlike standard consultations, this service offers a hands-on, intensive experience tailored to your brand’s unique goals and roadblocks. We get your questions out of the way ahead of services, and I work through the problems for you ahead of time. Although this is a one-hour call, often there will be several hours of work ahead of the call to ensure our 60 minutes its highly productive and valuable for you. 

What if I’m new to SEO?

This program is perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike, offering personalized guidance to make SEO accessible and impactful for your business.

What kind of follow-up support can I expect?

I offer a VIP support tier for past clients, perfect for ensuring continued success and access to me for your SEO needs. 

What work will I need to do?

You’ll need to prepare for our sessions in advance and work to hit milestone goals throughout the week we have together. 

What results can I expect?

Expect to see a transformation in your SEO approach or fixes for your SEO problems. It will depend on your goal for the call.

How do I sign up?

Sign up below to book your evaluation call, or send me an email at I also answer DMS on IG @socialhart.

Bubbly: SEO Power Hour helps you move forward with your organic SEO growth and website performance with confidence.

Booking for April and May.

Only 4 Spots Available Per Month.

Socialhart helps founders drive revenue and grow market share with SEO. Content that connects, nurtures, and grows your revenue and business. Show up in search results. Reach your people. Grow revenue.