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1:1 SEO Consulting Services & Guided SEO Content Programs

Creating brilliance and richness in your SEO content strategy.

Because your SEO content should excite you, not overwhelm you. If you’re a founder hoping to gain sparkle and clarity in your SEO content, then look no further.

Invest in simple, timeless, and proven strategies for growing your online traffic with SEO content.

How we work together

SEO Services and Content Strategy Programs

Services range from $689+. Please inquire for pricing.

1) Bubbly — 90-Minute Power Hour

Turn your social calendar into a blog post.

Ease into SEO with a powerful session designed to transform your social media calendar into a revenue-generating blog post. We walk through your calendar to find achievable SEO blog content for you.

If you’re unsure if SEO is a good long-term investment, this is a great way to test the waters.

After this session, you’ll know exactly what to post and be able to cleverly, seamlessly, and naturally adapt it to your social calendar.

2) Spree — VIP 1 Week Sprint SEO Content Plan

Plan 3 months and write 1 month of SEO content together.

Two 2-hour sessions focused on finding your SEO pocket. There’s somewhere out there on the internet for your website to shine. In this session, we combine your unique business, revenue goals, and point-of-view to develop a powerful SEO strategy that will last you 3+ months (at least 12 topics and research). In session two, I come prepared with SEO outlines so we can walk through and write 1 month of content together (1 to 2 blog posts). By the end of the week, you will have an amazing SEO strategy and the first blog posted on your website. 

SEO content ages like fine wine, so these 3 months of content will get better over time and as you continue to build onto your SEO strategy.

— Create 1-3 months of content for SEO.
— Grow your website traffic.
— Have people find you online naturally.
— Convert people from your blog or content into customers.

3) Radiance — 1:1 SEO Content Strategy Services

All the same great quality and value of Spree, but with 2-3x more content and strategy. 

Radiance is a done-for-you service that’s great for tackling bigger topics or longer-term SEO planning. In 4-6 weeks, we’ll align your SEO strategy with your revenue goals and develop the topics, clusters, SERP analysis, project management dashboard, keyword tracking, and more to set up your SEO program for success. This is ideal for brands or companies looking to drive SEO traffic and growth and are missing the SEO content strategy puzzle piece. 

You’ll also get two weeks of follow-up support and access to Slack for four weeks following the session.

4) Etched — Audit, Clean, and Grow

Audit, Clean, and Grow your traffic with SEO content. 

Heads-down SEO research, strategy, and analysis for your website. Not all content is valuable, growth-driven content. During our time together, we’ll focus on understanding your current content, develop low-lift areas of improvement and growth, and develop a long-term SEO content strategy for your business. You’ll walk away with research, analysis, reporting, and more. This service is easily scaled up or down depending on your needs, with long-term monthly options available or as a one-off project. You’ll also get limited-time follow-up support and access to Slack following the session. Finally, this pears great with the VIP monthly tier, exclusively available to past and current clients for additional support.

Hi —I’m Crystal,

And I’m here to give your SEO strategy the 3-carat setting it deserves.

I help ambitious and busy founders — like you — polish and buff their organic content strategy so people can easily find their products and solutions.

BTW, organic just means “non-paid ads.” No Meta business nightmares for you, or you, or you! (Or let’s be honest, me!)

Through 1:1 SEO content strategy and guided organic growth programs, we work together to bring you more website traffic and visibility in search results (aka Google).

Experience: Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Peloton, and more.

The Process

Round Cut Process

1) Sign up

Sign up for the waitlist.

Round Cut is held 3 to 4 times per year, with a limited number of spots open to ensure the quality of the program.

2) Stay In the Know

Keep an eye on your emails and also join the newsletter for special early-bird pricing.

I recommend replying to your first email or adding me to your contacts list so you don’t miss any announcements.

3) Secure your spot

Sign up when enrollment opens so you can to secure a spot.

More details about the program will be in your inbox, so keep a lookout!

1:1 SEO Consulting Process

Spots are limited — now booking for February and March 2024.

1) Say yes

First, fill out the form on the contact page.

We’ll communicate via email or DM to determine if we’re a match. We’ll have a 30-minute coffee chat (or tea), and then we’ll go over the outlined deliverables and the final agreement.

2) Sense

Next, get a sense of the strategy. You’ll review supporting documents and think about potential strategic directions.

3) Search

Once we’re in agreement on the strategic direction (and we’re both slap-happy excited), I’ll go into deeper, tactical work like keyword research, content pillars, prioritization, workflows and documents, outlines, etc.

4) Sparkle

If applicable, you’ll receive the handoff with access to everything we worked on.

You’ll have access to me via Slack and email from start to finish.

5) Stay

Should you need additional support or if you’ve elected a monthly option, we’ll continue to work together on your goals. Easily scale up or down depending on your SEO journey.

What I want for you


Know exactly what to write for your blog this month — and write it in a way that actually drives organic traffic.


Feel confident that your website traffic will grow steadily over time… without paying for ads.


Build a strategic content plan that supports your revenue-generating services and products.


Hear feedback from customers telling you how much your content helped them.


Create content that resonates with people and supports your organic traffic goals.


Designed to get you from Point A to Point B. Feel understood and accomplished as you tackle your organic growth goals.

Crystal was able to set the foundation for growth for a Fortune 500 company and provide all the necessary assets and direction to take them to the next level. Not only, she's a pleasure to work with, is prompt and can navigate all forms of situations - from crisis management to delivery of stellar results and everything in between!

– Alex Tkacovs, (Client)

Common Myths & Misbeliefs About SEO

AKA SEO Moissanites

(Don’t come for me about the moissanite thing — moissanites are just as beautiful as diamonds, but I needed to stay on brand, okay?)

Now for the expert opinions…

SEO is only for the technically savvy.

The truth is — SEO isn’t that technically complicated. Sure, you will come up against mysteries about why something isn’t working, why something isn’t ranking, and more complex problems.

There are so many people who can help you with a technically advanced SEO problem. Your consultant (like me!) or your developer are two great options.

If you only attempted what you already knew how to do, you’d still be stuck in diapers, my friend.

SEO isn’t valuable unless it generates revenue.

SEO can be whatever you want it to be. It can help you generate revenue, discover search trends, improve your content, inform the structure of your website, spark ideas for your social media, drive new visitors to your site, and overtake competitor search appearance.

SEO is not only valuable when it returns revenue (although, when done well — it should!). SEO is a puzzle piece that helps you understand how people search for things, so you can be the one that helps them on their journey.

SEO is just keyword research.

SEO is search engine optimization. And search engine optimization is about understanding what people want and need. Keywords help you understand how people search and then help you highlight your website with the right online solutions that match their interests. That’s it.

Adding excessive or irrelevant keywords to your content will do nothing but signal to Google (and to potential customers), that you are spam.

Think beyond the keyword. Think about people. You’ll get much further when you think about people than you will by using the glossiest SEO tools.

AI is replacing SEO.

AI cannot replace human-centered marketing decisions in the same way Forever 21 jewelry can’t replace Tiffany’s.

Quality SEO content will always be superior to the quantity of SEO created with AI.

SEO will use AI to improve processes, ideas, outlines, etc. But search engines are made for people. And AI — at least so far — can’t replace a person’s uniqueness and human qualities.

For founders who want Google to love them like their customers do.

Let’s streamline your SEO content.

Socialhart helps founders drive revenue and grow market share with SEO. Content that connects, nurtures, and grows your revenue and business. Show up in search results. Reach your people. Grow revenue.