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#002: I’ve got a theory about why your SEO Content isn’t working 🐰

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Newsletter

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#002: I’ve Got a Theory… Could it Be Bunnies?

If you know anything about Buffy The Vampire Slayer (my favorite show), you’ll know that Anya — the Demon-Turned-Human-Turned-Scooby-Girlfriend — was afraid of…
Yeah, something about them really freaked her out and she’d occasionally try to blame the bunnies for any evil lurking about.
(“I’ve got a theory, it could be bunnies”). 
But not once — at least, I think so(?) — was it ever, ever a bunny’s fault. 
There were no bad bunnies (ha!) awaiting to overtake the town and open any portals or summon any weirdos to Sunnydale.
She was blaming the wrong culprit at every turn.
(It was also intended to add comedic effect).
Bunnies were just sitting around, eating grass and munching on carrots. Minding their own business. Getting blamed for the world’s evil.
And sometimes, we as business owners do the same thing. We think one thing is our problem, when actually, it’s something completely different. 
When it comes to SEO, here’s what many founders think the problem is: 
  • A technical issue on the site???
  • The keyword research.
  • The strategy.
  • The word count is too low.
  • The Consultant???
  • Ahhhhh what is going onnnn???
But, sometimes, the problem isn’t what you’re doing. 
Sometimes, it’s what you’re not doing. 
Here’s a mistake you might make in your SEO content:
You’re not adding anything new to the conversation. 
Uhhhh what does that mean, Crystal? Give me more, here.
It means you can’t copy what everyone else is doing on their website and expect to magically do as well as they are.
Actually, you have to add something new to have a shot at increasing your website’s visibility.
I see a lot of founders start out with a clear intention of doing SEO, but often, their content doesn’t perform because it’s just a regurgitation of what already exists on the internet. 
Here’s how you can add something new:
  • Organize the information differently
  • Add better data 
  • Add better resources (links)
  • Add new context
  • Cover the topic in full
  • Or take a smaller topic and go deep
  • Have experts lend their quotes
  • Add original images, data, or media
There’s many ways to add something new. And this is by no means an exhaustive list. 
My point is, the problem might not be the research you’re doing, the keywords you’re adding, or the SEO strategy. 
It might just be that you’re not creating anything original enough for Google to recognize the value your content brings to people.
(To be clear, you should always write original content. I’m simply taking that a step further by recommending you say something everyone else isn’t already saying).
With that said, it’s time for you to add something new. 
Here’s what you can do:
Revisit the blog you wrote last week and add something new to the conversation. 
Let me know if you have any trouble by hitting “reply” to this email.
And now, it’s time for your action invitation of the week:

Action Item:

Write a blog for your website. Study the SERPs and write a great SEO title.

Here’s what to do:
1. Check the SERPs (search engine results pages aka “Google” your blog topic)!
2. Study the competition for the blog article you wrote last week.
3. Write a title that accurately reflects your topic and… 
4. Add your “target keyword.” 
5. Share the title & blog with me (I’d love to read it!).
This week’s blog (link below) is alllll about SEO titles. Take a few minutes to check it out, and let me know what you found helpful (or not).
Have funnnnnn. 🤗
P.S. This action invitation should be a low-lift “to-do” so you can catch up if you missed last week’s invite. 

The Blog

SEO Titles: 11 Best Practices and Golden Rules To Consider

This week, learn all about SEO titles. 
  • What they are
  • How to write them
  • Why you should use them
  • SEO titles vs H1 tags
  • And more
Page titles are one of the most underrated, low-lift SEO optimization tactics. 
By improving your page titles overall, you can improve the semantic understanding of your entire website. 
And typically, you’ll see a boost in overall traffic. 
Here’s the link:

Once More With Feeling (News and Updates)

Spotted on Google, TikTok videos are appearing in featured snippets (Search Engine Land): While some in the SEO world “aren’t impressed” by TikTok content appearing in search results, this is the FIRST time we’re seeing evidence of a TikTok video overtaking a traditionally text-driven search result. Here’s what I think about “TikTok SEO:” It will absolutely be a new discipline and skill for search marketers (somewhere between creative strategy/ brand/ social/ search). Get ready to see this as a primary skill for marketing teams in the near future.
Universal Music Will Pull Its Tracks From TikTok: “After negotiations between TikTok and Universal Music Group failed to reach a new agreement on usage rights, Universal has announced that it will withdraw its music from the app, as of Feb. 1 (Marketing Dive).” No doubt, TikTok will create its own “label” and sign deals with artists directly, especially indy artists on Spotify. Or, TikTok will come to an agreement with other labels. We’ll see how this shakes up. 

In this 4-Day challenge, you’ll learn:

  • Free tool recommendations to get started.
  • A mini-SEO vocabulary lesson (with a bonus quiz).
  • An explanation of the different search types.
  • The important elements of an amazing blog post.


And that’s it!
Thanks for reading today’s edition of the Pinky Up Thursday newsletter!
If this is your first time reading an issue, hi! I’m Crystal. I’m a Marketing + SEO Consultant, former adjunct digital marketing instructor, and fellow Founder.
I’d love for you to subscribe and take action in your business once a week, every week. 
Bye for now 🙂


I’d love to help you with your SEO content strategy and page title optimization. I offer 1:1 SEO Consulting, Strategy Power Hours, VIP Sprint-style strategies, and monthly support. 

Contact me today, and let’s get you booked ASAP. 

Written by Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz is the Founder of Socialhart. She's a Marketing and SEO expert with 8 years of experience in digital marketing. She's worked with local businesses, founders, marketing executives, and global brands across many industries, both in-house and agency-side. She's taught digital marketing programs at several universities, including NC State and University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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