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#001: Is SEO alive and well? My take? YUP!

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Newsletter

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#001: SEO may be dead, but it’s still pretty.

Before I worked in marketing, I worked in retail. 

I really loved working in retail, actually. The physical act of going somewhere, moving things around, clicking on a computer, talking to people, opening boxes.

I actually really really like all that stuff.

But, the pay and the hours are hard, and so, I switched career paths.

I remember the first time I ever attempted to fold clothes in the surf shop I worked at.

One of my coworkers was really particular about how the shirts were folded, so he showed me how to fold the clothes just so.

I wanted my shirts to look exactly uniform, like his. Same width and length no matter what size the shirt was.

Not. aseasy. asitsounds.

BUT – with practice – I got it down within a few months. My shirts were exactly uniform, no matter the size.

The thing is, I had to actually fold all those shirts over and over again in order to get that level of preciseness. My first attempts were truly pathetic. I mean, really.

I had to fold hundreds of shirts to finally get it down.

The same is true for you and your blog. You’re going to have to write a hundred crappy blogs before you finally start to write blogs that look semi-decent. 

Maybe I’m exaggerating on the number (I definitely am), but the point is the same.

That’s why this week’s action item is this:

Write and publish a dang blog post on your website.

But, Crystal, isn’t SEO dead?! I heard it’s dead. 

Every year, I hear that “SEO is dead” and “No, really, this time it’s really really dead.”

I’m sorry, but I’ve watched too many episodes of Buffy to know that dead… aint dead. 

There’s always a chance that a person will come back as a vampire. 

And SEO is most definitely, not dead.

Also not a vampire (just to be clear). But definitely not dead.

In fact, according to Brightedge, “Consumers are using search engines 20% more year-over-year (2022),” and according to Hubspot, “The top traffic source for all websites is organic search (2022).”

And as an early adopter/ beta user of Google’s SGE, I can also say that emerging AI within search results is still not killing organic search. If anything, its moving the information around and repackaging it in a new way.

There’s a lot that will change in the next decade surrounding AI in Google search results, but that doesn’t mean you should stop writing and publishing content on your website and blog.


Because blogs give your website something I call, contextual relevancy.

They help Google understand what your website means in its entirety as well as its smaller parts (individual pages).

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My point is.

This week: I’m going to invite you to write a blog and publish it on your website. 

Action Item:

Write a blog for your website.

Here’s the details:

  1. Your blog should be about something related to your business.
  2. Your blog should help your ideal reader either learn or do something.
  3. You should write from first-hand experience, knowledge, or expertise.
  4. And! You must write at least 300 words.

You’ll see the example I wrote this week for my blog below. Yours doesn’t have to be as long. You just want to get in the habit of writing something and getting it published, even if its not perfect or if you know you’ll want to update it later.

The Blog

Brand vs. Non-Brand Keywords

This week, learn all about Brand vs Non-Brand keywords.

  • What they are
  • Their differences
  • Why you should focus on both brand and non-brand
  • Whether you should bid on your brand, or just use organic strategies
  • And more

With a healthy mix of both brand and non-brand keywords in your SEO strategy, you’ll improve your “appearance” in search results.

Brand vs. Non-Brand Keywords

Once More With Feeling (News and Updates)

Google ends contract with Appen/RaterLabs. This was one of the companies that employed 1000s of Quality Raters (the people who help shape search rankings). The general professional consensus is that Google is either trying to save money (a whopping 83M), or, looking to move towards an AI rating model.

From Marketing Dive: “An estimated 84% of queries on Google Search will be boosted by generative AI, eventually impacting more than $40 billion per year in ad revenue, according to data that marketing platform BrightEdge shared with Marketing Dive.” This article is talking about AI search appearances with Google developments like SGE. Don’t worry too much about this for now, it’s just good for you to know.

Meta adds new brand protection tools surrounding IP. My take? Meta is not exactly known for its customer support… I predict a disaster sandwich. Yikesies.


And that’s it!

Thanks for reading today’s edition of the Pinky Up Thursday newsletter!

If this is your first time reading an issue, hi! I’m Crystal. I’m a Marketing + SEO Consultant, former adjunct digital marketing instructor, and fellow founder.

I help brands plan and create SEO content, grow their organic search traffic, and get back to managing their actual business.

I’d love for you to subscribe and take action in your business once a week, every week.

See you next week 🙂


I’d love to help you with your SEO content strategy and page title optimization. I offer 1:1 SEO Consulting, Strategy Power Hours, VIP Sprint-style strategies, and monthly support. 

Contact me today, and let’s get you booked ASAP. 

Written by Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz is the Founder of Socialhart. She's a Marketing and SEO expert with 8 years of experience in digital marketing. She's worked with local businesses, founders, marketing executives, and global brands across many industries, both in-house and agency-side. She's taught digital marketing programs at several universities, including NC State and University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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