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#005: You can’t skip the line. But you can ask a Genie.

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Newsletter

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Hi Friend,
Happy Thursday!
I’m realllllly excited about this week’s issue. By the end of this email, you’ll learn more about the “SEOPass” aka The Genie, read some innovative marketing news, and check out my recent blog on AI SEO.
What you’ll need today:
  • Reader’s bevvy-of-choice (coffee for me tonight, pls).
  • Your favorite Disney movie (you’ll want to watch it after this).
  • Lindor truffles (Valentine’s Day sale candy)
  • This newsletter
Alright! Let’s head to Orlando???
#005: You can’t skip the line. But you can ask a Genie.
I grew up in Florida (USA), about three hours from Walt Disney World.
(A superior park to Walt Disney Land, if you ask me).
And I distinctly remember when they first introduced the FastPass into the park experience.
(1999, when I was 7 years old). 
If somehow you’ve never been to Disney World (omg what’re you doing, here’s the link please do not pass go), then let me explain a little bit.
Going to Disney World is an EVENT. There are people everywhere. The lines are long. The park is massive.
You could stay for a week in the Orlando area and still not see half of what it has to offer.
Disney World encompasses Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Not to mention the other theme parks, restaurants, shopping centers, immersive experiences, etc.
It’s basically a big playground and attraction.
It’s kinda epic.
Before FastPass, you’d wait in the traditional lines. Some rides would be 20 minutes, some 45 minutes, others up to two hours or more.
(Ughh the Haunted Mansion was always a long wait).
In 1999, Disney created FastPass (now called Genie), which added a new waiting line.
An exclusive line. 
And the wait times looked more like: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes.
This “exclusive line” had a ton of benefits to it.
First, it gave Disney an up-sell to their existing customer base. Same amount of people. More income.
Next, it improved the wait-time experience for everyone. FastPass customers felt like they got immense value in the shorter wait times. And there were less riders waiting in the regular line.
A win for everyone.
Essentially, if you had a FastPass, you could ride the same ride 2-4 times in the same amount of time someone in the regular line could ride once.
(Insert Lady Gaga gif). 
Here’s the thing.
People try to skip the line that is website growth.
They think, I want to invest in SEO.
I want to grow my website traffic!
Then, they walk up to the SEO roller coaster and see the wait time.
They think, what?! 2 hours?!
I’m not gonna wait 2 WHOLE HOURS to ride this dang ride.
So they explore the rest of the park.
Kinda wandering around a bit.
Hittin’ up the hot dog stand.
Riding all the other rides with shorter wait times.
But meanwhile thinking about the epic SEO roller coaster.
And then they go back to the SEO entrance and lo and behold, the wait time still hasn’t changed.
WHAT?? It’s still a two hour wait??
Enter. The SEOPass.
Instead of wandering around the park, avoiding the ride you actually want to ride, hoping it’ll get faster by the time you make your way around to it, you could simply… get an SEOPass.
What is an SEOPass?
Well, it’s not a real thing actually. There is no SEOPass.
The SEOPass is simply hiring a person who looks at websites, looks at search results, looks at possible lines from traffic to no traffic, and thinks to herself…
How can I get my clients from A to B in the fastest amount of time possible, given their circumstances, and in a way that competitors will not be able to replicate?
~cough cough~
That’s what I help brands do. I take them from the long line to the SEOPass lane.
Because what you’re doing when you’re trying to DIY your SEO strategy is you’re putting yourself in the regular line.
Is it possible to get to the ride that way? Of course! Absolutely. It will just take you longer. You might also get so frustrated you just wind up leaving the line, convinced “it wasn’t worth it anyway.”
(Not based on actual times I’ve walked out of rides lol).
(But seriously though, do not skip The Seas with Nemo & Friends. You will regret it).
Similar to Disney, when you put yourself in the SEO fast lane, here’s what happens.
First, it gives you more value to share with your existing customer base. You’ll create SEO solutions for them that will also benefit more people in the long run. Same amount of people. More income.
Next, it improves the wait-time from X monthly organic SEO traffic to X% increase (depending on your business, competition, and other factors).
You’ll provide value to people right away, and get more people visiting you as time passes.
(Win for everyone).
If you avoid the SEO roller coaster, believing that wandering aimlessly around the park and coming back later will shorten the wait time, you will be massively disappointed.
The only way to shorten the wait is to get the SEOPass.
(The fictional SEOPass that doesn’t exist, but also does exist in the very services ya girl here provides).
But in the end the work has to be done. You will not drive SEO traffic if you do not do the SEO work.
Sorry :/
And now, this week’s action invitation:

Action Invitation:

Create a Keyword List

Whaaaaat, what’s a keyword, Crystal?

“Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about.” – Moz.

Here are some keywords I’m working on for my own website:

  • SEO Title
  • SEO Myths
  • SEO Glossary
  • Brand vs Non Brand Keywords

Keywords should tell you what you want to be found for online AND help your current website visitors throughout their journey.

Think about your ideal website visitors. What will they want to know before, during, and after they find you?

Last step: Send me 5-10 keywords you want to be known for!



The Blog

AI & SEO: Where’s the Future Headed?

This week, learn all about AI & SEO.

• What is AI?

• Why is AI Important?

• Can AI SEO Impact Performance?

• How to Mitigate AI Content Penalties

• AI SEO Tools 101

I see AI content everywhere I look. But, if you want to do it ethically and make sure it performs out of the gate, you’ll want to read more below:

How to Use AI For SEO

🎙️How Search Works(Via YouTube) and other information from Google. Is your website Googleable? This series walks you through “crawling,” “indexing,” “serving,” and “the anatomy of a search result.”

🎙️Pinterest Adds New Collaboration Features to Business Manager (Via Social Media Today) I’ve been loving Pinterest as a way to drive additional traffic to my blog articles. Here’s what’s in store with this latest update: New collaboration tools, the ability to reuse existing ad audiences between ad accounts, and more.

🎙️6 Ways Coca-Cola Uses Generative AI For Advertising And Marketing (Via Search Engine Journal) Coca-Cola is ahead of the curve with AI, demonstrating how it can be used for creativity and connection, not shortcutting the hard work we need to collectively make as founders.


The kickoff challenge started last week.

But don’t worry. Doors are still open!

Join this FREE learn SEO experience to get up to speed on all things SEO.

In this 5-Day challenge, you’ll learn:

  • Free tool recommendations to get started, so you can generate traffic affordably.
  • A mini-SEO vocabulary lesson (with a bonus quiz), to get you up to speed on the lingo.
  • An explanation of the different search types, so you can start to strategize how you’ll rank for your target keyword.
  • The important elements of an amazing blog post, so you can optimize your posts to rank higher (and bring in more traffic).
  • Myths about SEO, to discern fact from fiction.

Plus, a special bonus on my newest service when you reach the end of the series.

Thanks for reading today’s edition of the Pinky Up Thursday newsletter!
Before you go, a little update on my services for March and April.
Spree, my newest service, is launching on February 23 (That’s this Friday).
It’s designed specifically for founders who want to DIY their SEO strategy, but need the additional support and guidance of an SEO consultant like myself. 
(AKA the SEOPass lane).
I’d love for you to join the waitlist so I can send you a bonus once doors open on Friday.
Spots are limited, so be sure to grab your spot.
(If you’re not sure if Spree is for you, just send me a DM or reply to this email!)
Bye for now 🙂


I’d love to help you with your SEO content strategy and page title optimization. I offer 1:1 SEO Consulting, Strategy Power Hours, VIP Sprint-style strategies, and monthly support. 

Contact me today, and let’s get you booked ASAP. 

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Written by Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz is the Founder of Socialhart. She's a Marketing and SEO expert with 8 years of experience in digital marketing. She's worked with local businesses, founders, marketing executives, and global brands across many industries, both in-house and agency-side. She's taught digital marketing programs at several universities, including NC State and University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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