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#004: Do search engines have a favorite snack? 🍇

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Newsletter

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#004: Blogs Are Like Google Snacks
Have you ever heard of Noom? According to their website, Noom is “a consumer-led digital health company that helps people live healthier, happier lives.”
Very similar to the Atomic Habits book, Noom explains that big changes come from small habits.
If you’ve ever tried the Noom app or read the book, then you know about grapes.
They say, “Ya know what? Grapes are an awesome snack. Consider adding them into your day.”
(Maybe not the exact words, but its what I took away from that lesson).
I started adding grapes into my day. They kept me full, were tasty, and were lower in calories.
Here’s the thing…
I want you to think of your blog as the grapes of your website. 
Now, don’t get me wrong.
There are also meal-sized blogs, not just snack-sized blogs.
But, when you’re just starting out in SEO, you need to get in the right habits.
You need to start small.
You need to let Google figure out what kinds of content you share with people.
And what kinds of products you sell or services you provide.
Will the snacks drive tons of SEO traffic?
No, probably not.
But they will get you in the habit of creating content and publishing it to your website.
I talk a lot about content strategy, SEO, and blogging.
And I do that because you need a grape. You need a starting point to go from writing nothing to writing something
Do you need a blog for SEO? Not necessarily. But you probably should have one.
There are a lot of reasons why, but at the moment, just focus on trying to give your website a few grapes.
Give Google a lil snack.
Then, over time, you can start to develop good SEO habits and build out fuller meals, and eventually, meal planning.
And now, this week’s action invitation:
image describes the 5 day learn SEO challenge. It includes free recommendations, a mini SEO vocabulary lesson, different search results types, important blog posts elements, and myths about SEO.
Thanks for reading today’s edition of Pinky Up Thursday.
I hope to see you tomorrow for the start of the challenge. If not, I’ll catch you next week!
Bye for now 🙂


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Written by Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz is the Founder of Socialhart. She's a Marketing and SEO expert with 8 years of experience in digital marketing. She's worked with local businesses, founders, marketing executives, and global brands across many industries, both in-house and agency-side. She's taught digital marketing programs at several universities, including NC State and University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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