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What is social media?

Social media is a way for people to connect from across the world. Many would argue that it brings us closer together, and others would say it causes us to grow further apart. 

Actually, it’s a combination of both.

1.32 billion people use Facebook every day. They use it to stay connected to mom and dad, find recipes, join conversations with different groups, and more. Social media has become the thing that many use as a part of everyday life.

What does this mean for businesses?


Businesses cannot ignore social media anymore. More and more businesses are created and thriving thanks to its power and reach. If your business is a “post every once in a while” or “eventually I’ll make a facebook” kind of business, that definitely needs to stop.

It makes no sense not to take advantage of Facebook (which is technically free, by the way) and run with it. People have fundamentally changed the way they buy, consume, and behave.

We, as consumers, don’t know about businesses by walking or driving around. If you’re not on social, you are forgettable.

Don’t forget it.

Types of Social Media


There are several types of social media platforms, all serving different purposes.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • Reddit

  • Tumblr

In general, you want to be a part of the platforms that your competition and audience are using. For example, if you are a start-up e-commerce company, you want to be on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (at least). These are the platforms that really serve e-commerce companies well. 

Depending on the industry, you may want to be on a few social media platforms, or even all of them.

How to Get Started on Social Media


Firstly, do a little research on your industry trends to find out where the competition is and is not. Be on the lookout for markets they are missing, and what they are doing well.

Then, figure out what platforms your audience is using. For example, younger audiences might use newer social media channels, like or TikTok.

Next, open your accounts. Get familiar with the platform and get started.


Adding the Right Content


Finally, you want to add the right content depending on the platform.

  • Instagram is highly visual, so photos are the number one content type.
  • Pinterest is great for blogs and images.
  • Facebook can host polls and quizzes, and works especially great with video content.

Explore the different types of social media content and find out which might work best for your short and long term plans.

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