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11 TikTok Fashion Influencers (to Add to Your Outreach List)

It’s 2021. Hot girl person summer is here, we’re returning to office life, and we’re venturing out slowly (safely, but surely). So, for those of us who need major OOTD (outfit of the day) inspiration for this auspicious time, we turn to the all-knowing Tiktok stylists… yes, seriously!

Tiktok and its influencers have had a major glow-up this past year, and if you’ve missed the glory of 2020 Tiktok, let me catch you up on who’s who…

Remi Jo

Remi Jo, aka @Remibader, is a Tiktok influencer known for her candor while critiquing popular clothing brands’ size discrepancies. Finally, brands understand her genuine hauls are not only funny but a reality for many customers.

@remibaderI just wish you know how hard it was for me to track down a scooter for this #zara


♬ original sound – Remi Jo



Shina Nova

We’re no longer subject to “supermodels” dominating fashion labels and cosmetic brands. Instead, TikTok allows everyday people to be the face of brands. Shina Nova is a great example. Her collaboration with Sephora was a shining example of successful influencer campaigns on TikTok.

And that’s just a sneak peek.

TikTok Power

Today, TikTok stars single-handedly sell out everything from clothes to shoes to… feta cheese.

Case in point, THE Aerie’s leggings. You know the ones.

Whether you’re on the app or not (you should be), Tiktok influencers dominate consumer behavior.

You might be thinking, “But Tiktok is just a bunch of Gen-Z’ers dancing!”

Yes, maybe, but they’re dancing in the latest clothing trends, setting the next generation of trends, and also revisiting old trends that we shouldn’t have gotten rid of in the first place (see 90’s overalls and sweater vests below)!

More than fashion

Not only are Tiktok influencers setting (and canceling) fashion trends, but they’re highlighting significant issues that brands and companies previously would have glossed over.

Consumers are becoming more and more “woke.” Tiktokers bring awareness to inclusive language, normalizing different body types, and creating content that is reachable to a larger audience than generations before.

Do companies care about sustainability, ethical practices, diversity?

And if they don’t, no longer are we falling into “cancel culture,” but instead, we are holding brands and companies accountable. Tiktok has given consumers a newfound platform to raise awareness, and Tiktok influencers have stylishly swayed us to do better, shop smarter, and overall just how to look and feel our best.

So, if you’re looking for fashion influencers to put on your outreach list, these 11 up-and-coming Tiktok fashion influencers should be on your list.

Trend “Gender Neutral”

Remember the 90’s normcore? Take that, but make it even more gender-neutral. These Tiktok influencers really make you question why you ever got rid of your sweater vest that one time you Konmarie’ed your closet.

1. Jazzzymadeit



Why she’s worth the add

Tiktok influencer Jazzzymadeit is known for her styling. She loves to transform gender-neutral pieces like sweater vests, baggy jeans, basketball shorts, and oversized t-shirts into totally achievable and wearable outfits. Be inspired to wear baggy clothes and look incredibly stylish on your next date.

2. Manindersachdeva_


Why he’s worth the add

“An Oxford grad, figuring out life” is written in this stylish Tiktoker’s bio, but what he does have figured out? Classy, gender-neutral fashion.

Trends 2000’s – Oh no, low rise!

If you had a locker during the Simple Life and LiLo’s teen drama era, then you’ll remember the low-rise jeans and bandana tops. Why am I bringing it up you ask? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these 2000’s trends are seeing the light of day again. Good news? SO MANY other new trends!

3. _Morgoo



Why she’s worth the add

This Beauty Queen is the go-to fashion Tiktoker to follow if you want to see how to style your jewelry when you go to the bodega! Whether she’s walking us through her self-care routine or having brunch with the girls, her unique and trendy outfits are always on point.

4. Joefloww_


Why he’s worth the add

Tiktoker @joefloww_ knows how to flow into fashion icon status with his impeccably styled sweater vests. He is the go-to for stand-out style, pop aesthetics.

5. Faithieeanne



Why she’s worth the add

If my emergency outfit was anywhere near as cute as hers, I’d be a happy (and stylish) girl.

6. Laurenlicup


Why she’s worth the add

“It’s just clothes” for this Tiktoker, but to everyone else, it’s just style! Laurenlicup showcases plus-size friendly outfits for every occasion, and inspires others to step into trends that they might have passed up previously!

Thrift Flip, DIY’s – oh my!

Those of us might remember the days we went to Goodwill for new clothes, instead of the trendy malls like our peers.

I’m happy to report, it’s our time to thriftin’ shine.

With sustainability in mind – and reducing fast fashion waste – these influencers show us how trendy thrifting can be.

7. _emmjaay



Why she’s worth the add

If “vintage 90’s” is your vibe, then @_emmjaay is the icon to mimic. Not only does she completely nail character outfits from our favorite 90’s shows, but most of her iconic pieces are thrifted.

8. Sageandmaize


@sageandmaize i really am so proud of this one #thriftflip #diy ♬ original sound – emm.


Why she’s worth the add

Tiktoker @sageandmaize displays a pure talent for thrift flip. If you don’t know what that is, watch her turn this cute thrifted dress, into a CUTER thrifted dress. Sewing Machine not included.

Styling for the rest of us…

Potentially the best thing about Tiktok is its inclusivity.

We’re not listening to stylists who practically walked right off the runway, we’re listening to trendsetters who are JUST. LIKE. US.

Under-represented groups have the spotlight now, and nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone who looks like YOU looking FANTASTIC.

9. Grayhairandtattoos



Why she’s worth the add

Who makes tattoos, gray hair, and Doc Marten’s look cooler than Tiktoker @grayhairandtattoos? AND to top it all, she never mutes her edgy style to fit traditional boring office attire.

10. Aishaabaaa


Why she’s worth the add

Tiktoker @aishaabaa is a modest fashionista who flew us to the moon with her incredible style. Whether it’s all black, all cream, or color-coordinated, @aishaabaa shows us just how to modestly style any trendy item.

11. Withlyss



Why she’s worth the add

Tiktoker @withlyss is known for her weekly hauls and super cute modest outfits. Who says you can’t be modest and also be cute and comfy in the summer?

Keep calm and fashion on

And that’s a wrap! 11 up-and-coming fashion TikTok influencers to watch (and DM) right now. Before you go, here are some common questions you might be wondering about.

How much should I pay TikTok influencers?

Top TikTok players can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a post, up to $10,000 or more per post. Influencers like Charlie D’Melio also make money from additional channels, endorsement deals, and now, a new reality show on E! Entertainment.

Where can I find fashion TikTok influencers?

Hashtags! Search for your favorite fashion-related hashtags such as #OOTD, #Fashion, #GRWM (get ready with me), #Style, #OutfitInspo, #ModestOutfits. Feel free to add specific words to get more streamlined fashion content (#MomFashion, #TeacheFfashion, #OfficeOutfit).

How to reach out to TikTok influencers?

If you’ve never slid into anyone’s Tiktok DM’s (no judgment), then no worries. Once you’re following a Tiktoker, you’re able to send them a direct message. Most accounts will also have their IG linked, or an email in their bio for business inquiries. Looking for more? Subscribe to our blog so you never miss a post, or reach out to us for help with your influencer campaigns, gifting, outreach, or social media strategy.

Written by Kunie Prak,

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Based in Fort Wayne, IN