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10 LGBTQIA+ Influencers Celebrating Pride Month

Another #PrideMonth for the books! 10 LGBTQIA+ Influencers brilliantly celebrating PRIDE Month

From providing education to highlighting LGTBQIA+ issues to curating the #PrideAnthems playlist, social media influencers have joined in the #PrideMonth2021 celebration, and there's a lot to see and learn!

Where it all started

Pride evolved into the celebration we know today, beginning with the Stonewall Riots in the '60s (lead mainly by the marginalized Black trans and gay men community). An early activist/supporter of the LGBTQIA+ movement, Brenda Howard, also significantly impacted the movement.

"You needed some kind of help organizing some type of protest or something in social justice?" recalls Howard's partner, Larry Nelson. "All you had to do was call her and she'll just say when and where" (Advocate).

What we know as PRIDE today was once an act of outrageous, rebellious protest. Further proof that continuing that good fight is well worth the effort.

LGBTQA+ Pride & Celebrations

Now, as we wrap up #PrideMonth2021, let's take a peek at how some of us celebrated!

Tavaris Jefferson

Of course, we have to start the list out strong with Tavaris, aka @varijstylez. His videos and posts always deliver beauty and surprise.

His gorgeous partnership with Revlon is a great example of smart, strategic influencer marketing.


TikToker DeVore celebrated Pride month by partnering with Secret to raise $4 million for LGBTQ+ organizations. From her campaign with Secret, we absolutely need "No matter who you love, you can't SWEAT your identity!" on a t-shirt ASAP!


Secret is helping raise over $4 million for LGBTQ+ organizations. Join at🌈 #secretdeopartner #cantcancelpride #allstrengthnosweat

♬ original sound – DeVore

Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa came out to fans in 2021 as a proud member of the LGTBQIA+ community. After experiencing an immense amount of support, she's decided to pay it forward by promoting ally-ship and inclusion for all LGBTQIA+ youth in schools.

Tan France

Tan France, a member of the iconic Fab Five, is of course celebrating Pride month. Such an inspiration, we love how he continually brings people together just by being his authentic, beautiful self.


TikToker Sulli takes us on his journey of raising a daughter as a trans male. We love that Sulli represents the non-traditional family system! This year, Sulli and his daughter celebrated #PrideMonth2021 in quite a colorful fashion, staying true to the Pride aesthetics.


Happy #pride ! Arlo and I dyed our hair 4 our favorite month+to celebrate becoming an official #lgbtq trailblazer! TY for following us #foryourpride

♬ Bust Your Knee Caps – amanda

Deni Todorović

Deni Todorović is celebrating Pride by taking action. Their partnerships and content not only entertain and delight but educate and inspire to make a change. The personal touch they add to every campaign is just another reason to love and respect them.

Frederic Chen

To celebrate Pride month, talented TikToker Frederic Chen gave us some beautiful lessons on the Pride Flags that represent the different communities within the LGBTQIA community.

We absolutely love his “makeup looks inspired by Pride flags” series. So creative, so informative, and so entertaining.

Us visual learners love his unique take on LGBTQIA+ education!

Zoe Stoeller

Speaking of educational content, TikToker Zoe Stoeller is a gender-fluid Queer Educator who makes easy-to-understand, thoughtful, and inclusive content about the LGBTQIA+ community.

They answer their followers' questions with a non-judgmental outlook and are passionate about LGBTQIA+ education and visibility.

Plus, they’re super adorable!

Deja Vu

#PrideMonth attendees never fail to impress us with their style. We love that WOC Artist and TikToker Deja Vu gave us a #PrideMonth outfit inspo we can rock ALL year long.

She looks real good, BB!

David Lopez

Perfection in a human form, David Lopez embraces himself this year like never before. And wow, is it incredible!

David continually shares his beauty secrets, routines, and opinions. We love how he celebrates himself and others in the community. The world is much brighter with him in it.

During this month (and every other month), we must listen and lift up LGTBQIA+ voices as an ally. To learn more about being an LGBTQIA+ ally, please visit here for links to additional resources.

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