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8 Dads Making Instagram a Happy Place


What do you think when you hear the word?

Dad. Strong, decisive, hardworking, caring, and knowledgeable.

Dad. Provider, fixer, chauffeur, protector, and grill master.

Dad. Crazy scientist.

Dad. A guy that starts a family/ lifestyle vlog and invites all people to accept, celebrate, and display their love for one another. Same-sex, opposite sex, and everything in between.

And of course, the new dad still figuring it all out.

As we approach the annual holiday celebrating the hero of the house, let’s dive into the many ways in which the “common dad” has evolved. Here, we spotlight 8 of our biggest trending father figures on Instagram.

1.The Enthusiastic Dad


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A post shared by Jonathan Joly (@jonathanjoly) 


@jonathanjoly – Jonathan Saccone Joly

Jonathan Saccone Joly is first up for our celebrated dads this year! This is such an important and critical topic right now in family culture, and we think Jonathan Joly has a few things to teach us about inclusion!

We love him because he celebrates the true identity of his children and provides a safe space for them to become the individuals that they want to be.  

On Instagram, you will usually see him giving parenting advice, modeling matching clothes with his two sons and two daughters, or displaying an extremely honest testimony for running a house of 6.

Tune in to his vlog No Kids Allowed! where he shares real parenting tips and experiences, such as in these two hit videos “Love Your Body” featuring Billie Eilish and Alex Light and “Our Child is Gay! What Now?” featuring Riyadh.

2. The Educational Dad


















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  A post shared by Sergei Urban | TheDadLab (@thedadlab)



@thedadlab – Sergei Urban

What is better than a dad that brings the joy of exploration and learning into his home by involving his kids in experiments?

Next up is father of two young boys, Sergei Urban. Sergei Urban is busy teaching and sharing concepts like magnetism, electricity, and engineering through good ol’ practical kitchen experiments!

We love this dad because he brings the fun back to science – yes, you read that right.

On Instagram, you’ll see him performing scientific investigations with his kids that actually teach real STEAM concepts. You can also check out more science, toys, play, crafts, and news at

3. The Healthy Lifestyle Dad














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A post shared by Paul Stainthorpe (@fatherfitness)



@Fatherfitness – Nigel

Next up is our healthy lifestyle spotlight, Paul Stainthorpe.

This father of fitness gives training tips, lifestyle hacks, and parenting inspiration to any dad who is genuinely motivated to be their very best for their family. He has actually lived through the transformation of making himself better for his life and his family.  

We love Paul Stainthorpe because he brings realistic perspectives, emotions, and strategies to healthy living.  

On his Instagram, you can even find his latest project: a short video on mental health – something we all need to be paying close attention to these days.  

4. The ‘Lots of Laughs’ Dad













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    A post shared by Nigel | Content Creator (@notsofunnydad)  



@Notsofunnydad – Nigel

Nothing is better than a dad that can make you laugh! Nigel gets our attention because of the way he brings joy and comedy to his family.

We love Nigel because he utilizes creative content to display the good and the funny of everyday life.

On Instagram, you’ll find illustrated commentary, practical jokes, and creative digital edits surrounding his kids’ and wife’s daily activities.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that he gets more of a giggle out of his content than we do!

5. The Celebrity Dad


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A post shared by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph)



@nph – Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is our celebrated celebrity dad of choice.

We love that he’s more about sharing the love and joy of his family than sharing his professional accomplishments.  

On Instagram, you’ll see the tons of pride he has for his twins, Harper and Gideon…  

And, as his bio says, the world “as seen through my eyeholes.”  

6. The Pack the House Dad













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    A post shared by Simon (@father_of_daughters)  



@Father_of_daughters – Simon

What’s better than a family with fraternal twins, you may wonder?

But, to Simon, maybe the answer is a home with 1 wife, 4 daughters, and just 1 dad.

We love Simon because of his honesty in dealing with the reality that he is seriously outnumbered on a daily basis.

But really, we appreciate his vulnerability to share with us all of the dad things: home projects, mental health, family outings, renovations, vasectomies, mani-pedis, and of course, dad dancing.

He definitely appreciates being the hero of his home, in a very humble, ‘I-have-no-choice-about-this’ kind of way.

7. The Perform with Your Kids Dad














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A post shared by Selvaraj Fam (@selvarajfam)



@Selvarajfam – Selvaraj family

Dads willing to publicly put themselves on display by singing and dancing on Instagram are crowd pleasers for all.  

This category of dad received a lot of attention over the past year. Mostly, while we were sitting at home, social-distancing, and scrolling through social media.  

The dad from @selvaraifam on Instagram is one of those dads. He makes the list thanks to his commitment and love for his daughters.   We love the Selvaraj family because they are true to who they are and never hesitate to bring a little party to your feed.  

I mean, check out the moves on their TikTok, too! No father-daughter dance will ever outmatch these!  

8. The Uplifting Dad













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    A post shared by Kennith Allen Thomas (@kennyclutch_)  



@kennyclutch_ – Kennith Allen Thomas

There’s no other way to end this list than to take a true tug at the heart.

Kennith Allen Thomas takes the cake for the most uplifting dad on Instagram. By sharing his story of fatherhood to a son with Down Syndrome, Leukemia, and Alopecia, this dad motivates viewers to be positive, face challenges, and celebrate all the small wins.

On his Instagram, Kennith shares motivational speeches, self-growth programs, life lessons, and daily family stories praising the gifts of life he finds within his family.

The influence of fatherhood is found best in the words which Jonathan Joly shared:

“I think life is broken into stages. You’re never the same person forever as growing and changing is part of the journey. So try to just embrace the you now and the future you will find him/her self.” – Johnathan Joly


To the ones that love, give, protect, and provide. To the ones that give the best hugs, stay up for hours following instruction manuals in order to put new things together, and somehow just know what to say at the very right moment. To the ones that teach positive work habits, model healthy lifestyle choices, and provide words of encouragement.

To the ones that will always be their family’s #1 fan.

On this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate all of the sacrifices our dads provide to help give families a safe, loving, and (more often than not) lively home!

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