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6 Reasons Why We Love Chrishelle Lim’s TikTok (And Her In General)

Why we love Chriselle Lim, and you should too!

Every day that Chriselle Lim makes motherhood look effortlessly chic is another day I reconsider this DINK lifestyle I got going on.

As someone who can barely hang on without watching an episode of New Girl to destress every night, I’m always so inspired to build my own empire AND raise a family after watching Chriselle’s Tiktoks.

After all, who says my life (and fashion sense) has to stop when children and family enter the picture?!

Who’s Chriselle Lim?

If your “FYP” includes ANY sort of fashion content, more likely than not, Chriselle Lim’s content is there.

Somehow, Chriselle manages to give us a glimpse into her elegant life, all while being super relatable and sharing her priceless advice.

Case in point, did you know it actually doesn’t take much to look expensive?

More is less, and those avoid labels!

@chrisellelimAlso use an espresso cup as an accessory without any coffee in it πŸ˜… #yourrichmom #stylehacks


♬ original sound – Chriselle Lim


A quick peek into Chriselle’s impressive timeline reveals that she was a Founder and Creative Director for not one but TWO successful companies. More recently, Chrishelle has worked with co-founder Joan Nguyen to create a community that supports working parents. Before that, she worked as a successful freelance wardrobe stylist before pivoting into the “influencer scene” when a good friend, THE Michelle Phan, suggested she start her own YouTube channel. She ran her channel alongside her blog, The Chriselle Factor, and inspired women to dress their best every day. To this day, Chriselle still inspires viewers to embrace the realness and rawness of life without losing their sense of style. As one of the first pioneers in digital influencing, she stood out by bridging the gap between editorial fashion and real-life fashion via social media. She remains relevant because she “grew up” along with her audience. Recognizing that the carefully curated “perfect image” was not what her followers craved, she chose to show authentic real-life issues that her followers were also experiencing. Admittedly, many of us still struggle with looking as chic as her while hitting those life milestones! What makes Chriselle an essential industry expert is her raw documentation, determination, and ability to find solutions to real-life problems. Using the power of her platform, she highlighted an important issue facing many working parents in America. She created a solution to address the lack of accessible, affordable childcare, thus birthing Bumo.

6 Reasons We Love TikTok’s Rich Cool Mom

If you’re not familiar with Chriselle’s Tiktoks by now, here are a few of the reasons why she is a badass woman, Fashion Icon, and why we love her Tiktoks!

She ran with the Rich Mom persona – but she’s so much more than that!

She’s a mogul mom doing big things for the world. But also, look at this expert-level bow idea.

She’s the voice of the modern working parent.

Invited to speak on parenthood in the US at the White House, Chriselle brings up important questions that our leaders need to address – what are we doing to support working families with children? How can we make childcare more accessible and more affordable? Without affordable childcare, parents, especially women, find themselves left out of the workforce, thus perpetuating the idea that life stops when you have children.

@chrisellelimI was invited to speak to The White House about a topic I feel very strongly about. Wait until the end to hear what Jen Psaki has to say πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»


♬ original sound – Chriselle Lim



She gives the best advice on how to look **expensive**

Like, look how chic!

@chrisellelim YOUR RICH MOM IS BACK. HOW TO LOOK EFFORTLESSLY RICH & CHIC. What should I do next? πŸ’° #yourrichmom ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman


She’s got the funniest kids.

She’s not afraid to be a butler parent – and her awesome kids are proof:

@chrisellelimum, excuse me what did she just call me? 😭 #housetour #roomtour #homedecor #vlogs


♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman



She gives amazing career advice.

If there’s anyone you want to listen to regarding career advice, it’s Chriselle. After all, she has founded three successful companies, raised two beautiful daughters, and still has time to go on vacation! What?!

@chrisellelim 5 APPS THAT HAVE MADE ME MORE PRODUCTIVE!! I have a million other apps I swear by. Do you guys want to see more? #lifehack #apps #productivityhacks ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – Favorite Movie Songs


She’s real.

Honestly, it’s okay if your life doesn’t look like hers because she’ll let you live vicariously through her – honestly, fake it till you make it, baby!

@chrisellelimvery similar but different! which one do you like better?? πŸ›‹ #homedecor #interiordesign #housetour #interiordecorating


♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman




Many of us have watched and followed along as Chriselle Lim successfully launched The Chriselle Factor, her YouTube, and Social Media channels, and more recently, her BeingBumo Podcast. But her impressive list of accomplishments doesn’t stop here. We know that she indeed does it all, but I’d like to mention her activism against the recent rise in Asian hate crimes across the US and the world. Just as she led us through common fashion blunders, she’s now spreading awareness through a campaign with GoFundMe to fight anti-Asian hate incidents. “Hate incidents, which include both hate crimes and incidents of violence or discrimination, against AAPIs rose sharply over the past year, with over 6,600 reports collected by Stop AAPI Hate between March 2020 and March 2021.” (Stop AAPI Hate) As a Korean-American, it’s sad to hear that Chriselle has had her own anecdotes around racism while growing up in the US. However, now she can use her platform to educate, support, and bring more awareness to the #STOPASIANHATE movement. A world where hate can go unchecked is not the world that we’ve dreamed of for this generation or any future generations to come. Without exposure, acknowledgment, and continual education, we won’t stop increasing violence towards Asian and other vulnerable BIPOC populations. Now more than ever, we need to come together to support and create valuable change in our communities. If you or anyone you know has been affected by anti-Asian hate crimes, please visit to report an incident or access additional support materials for the #STOPASIANHATE movement.

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Written by Kunie Prak,

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